Notes of the GOSH Meeting on Tuesday the 11th September 2018

Present:  20 members and 2 visitors


Cliff Top Gala: Although members started to set up it was decided that the wind strength was too much for safety. Those who had turned up were thanked for their hard work and for making a wise decision.

Friends of Priory Gardens:  This will be on Sunday 23 September. For various reasons, GOSH will give it a miss this year.

Friends of the Gorleston Library reminiscing day: Wednesday 31 October, 10 – 12 noon.  Boards and cloth are already there and pictures sorted.

There is likely to be a pre-Christmas event at the library that GOSH may be asked to support.

St Edmunds House return visit: this will be on 19 September, members to go on the visit and photographs are sorted.


Blue plaques:   

Arnott’s former architect’s office, 171, High Street

Chairman has written to the owner on GOSH headed paper giving address, phone number and email address. There has been no reply. Agreed this one goes on hold.

Old Guildhall, Baker Street, 18 July: this plaque was unveiled by Cllr Bernard Williamson on 18th July. There was a good crowd on a fine day and it was well reported in The Mercury.

Lions’ Club holiday home for the blind: This plaque was unveiled by Rod Holland, President of Great Yarmouth Lions Club, on 25th August. It was well reported in The Mercury, EDP, the Advertiser and may be covered in the Lions Clubs’ magazine.

Royal National Mission to Deep Sea Fishermen and Jubilee tower in Gorleston High Street: there is still no progress on identifying the owner.

Whimsical Walker: the details of his unmarked burial in Gorleston Cemetery have been obtained. It may be possible to get permission from a property owner on the quay to put up a blue [plaque where his stall used to be situated.

Ted Ellis: as a boy he had lived in a house in Springfield Road.


Library Clock Steering Committee:

it was reported that obtaining legal documents was progressing.

Friends of Gorleston Library Remembrance Day: on Saturday 3rd Nov. there will be a range of activities for all ages to mark the centenary of WW1.   

 Gorleston Community Magazine: GOSH has contributions for Oct, Nov, Dec and Jan all ready to go.

GOSH’s archive: work dates for sorting and filing photos and documents had not been arranged during August, his help is still needed, maybe a suitable Tuesday in November can be agreed at the October meeting

Summer Outings: 

Lowestoft Museum: 5 members had gone on this visit, they found it very enjoyable and the volunteers were welcoming and hospitable.

Guided walk in Gorleston Old Cemetery:  this had been enjoyed by about a dozen members. We noted the poor condition of the Refuge Company grave and memorial, several of us will do research and make a case to the Borough Council to get it restored.   

Any Other Business:

Millennium Manuscript:  we had the news that preparation was being made to digitally reproduce the M M,

Dusty Miller has a book just published; Alan and Sheila will bring some for sale to the October meeting.

Cliff Park School: is holding a 50th anniversary event.




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