Notes of the GoSH Meeting held on Tuesday 13th November 2018


Over 20 members and guests.


Due to difficulties with the present banking arrangements, it was agreed that the group would change to another provider of banking services in the New Year.


It was felt that the Reminiscences  Day held at Gorleston Library went well with lots of interest from the students of East Norfolk Sixth Form College.

Remembrance Sunday:

A group of GoSH members and others were present at a small ceremony held around the War Memorial in Gorleston Old Cemetery at 11.00 am on Sunday 11th November 2018 to commemorate the end of the First World War and to remember those that gave their lives in conflicts around the world. A poppy wreath was placed on the memorial by a GoSH member and two minutes silence was observed.

Future Events:

The Friends of Gorleston Library will be holding a Christmas Fair at the library on Saturday 8th December from 10.00am until 3.00pm. GoSH will attend this event with a display of photographs from its archives.

Library Clock Committee:

There is a small display table presently on show at Gorleston Library about the clock project. The Clock Committee are engaged in fund raising for the project.

Christmas Cards:

As in previous years it was agreed that members would have the option of not sending each other Christmas cards but if they wished could make a donation to GoSH who this year would be supporting the Library Clock Project.

Festive Display Awards:

It was agreed the judges would meet on Sunday 10th December 2018 and would present the trophy and certificates on Thursday 13th December 2018.


A New Project:

Dean from MESH introduced the Group to David who plans to create a Gorleston heritage booklet with a map and was seeking the support of GoSH with this project. It was agreed to discuss the proposal at the next GoSH meeting in December.

Next Meeting:

The next GoSH meeting will take place in Macey Room at the Shrublands Youth and Adult Centre on 11th December from 10.00am to 12 noon. The meeting will be followed by a Christmas Social event with refreshments. Members are reminded to bring a cup or a mug with them.






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